‘Chella, The Most L.A Thing I’ve Ever Done.




It seems to be the cardinal rule: If thou goes to Coachella, thou must post about it. Well, I definitely went, so here’s my post. Mark this weekend down as the most L.A thing I’ve done since…oh, I don’t know. Maybe the last time I had a small internal temper tantrum over not having an avocado?

Around four months ago I received a message in all caps from my best friend – DO YOU WANT TO GO TO COACHELLA, BEYONCE WILL BE THERE. And obviously I responded yes, but I never actually thought it would happen. Coachella always seemed like the epitome of everything I dislike – extended amounts of time in the sun, dust, large amounts of strangers, and loud noises.

“Then why are you going?” Was pretty much every response when I told friends my apprehensions. For a complicated variety of reasons. I’d just turned twenty one, I was feeling stressed about not living My Youth, fears over looking back at college and regretting something, anything. Also; Beyonce was going to be there.


We arrived back yesterday at two in the morning, extremely dirty, ears ringing, exhausted and buzzing. Coachella was definitely an experience – I understand why people either love it or hate it. With the exception of camping (waking up in the 100 degree sun trapped in a plastic sweat lodge was not my idea of fun), I loved it. The energy, the music, the weird fashion choices. And boy, there were a lot of weird fashion choices – we saw a lot of buckle-on fringe skirts, one dude dressed like a unicorn sans pants and glitter everywhere. The people watching alone was worth it.

That being said, it was truly special, in a ridiculous way. Getting to listen to so much music, and being around people who you love. Even dancing at two-thirty in the blazing hot sun doesn’t seem bad when you’re laughing at your friends dumb jokes. Maybe that’s not what I was supposed to take away from Coachella (probably something about art, or how dumb people are during music festivals), but I’m always going to remember dancing like an idiot to Lorde, which is all I can ask at the end of the day.

Sorry for rambling on like this – honestly, my memories and thoughts were so scattered during this last weekend that it’s hard to form a cohesive whole. If you have the chance though, I’d definitely recommend. Or maybe just take a boombox into your backyard and bake in the sun for three hours on shrooms. It’s pretty much the same effect.