The Middleman

Who is he? The Middleman. What does he do? He…middlemans. By that, of course, we mean he saves the world.

Or so he tells Wendy Watson, his soon to be apprentice, after she is nearly killed by a gross tentacle monster.


The Middleman is one of the greatest TV tragedies of all time. Fantastic premise, characters, actors and plotlines, it just didn’t’ get the amount of attention needed to keep it on the air. The Middleman was originally conceived by Javier Grillo-Marzuach, who wrote it in comic book form, then television, and then comic book form after it was discontinued by ABC family. The villains.

Middleman is about a shadowy organisation that employs the Middleman (name unknown, but holds a fondness for milk) and Wendy Watson, his new apprentice. Wendy (or Dub Dub, as she is affectionately known, struggling artist and quipper at large) is a fantastically sarcastic artist with a heart of a gold. Middleman follows the course of her career with the middleman organisation, under the guidance of her boss and Ida, a foul-mouthed robot (clad, as is only appropriate, in a floral dress and cat-eyeglasses).

The Middleman (ft. Milk)

Okay, Griffin, but why are you telling me to watch this show with only 12 episodes? The answer, dear reader, is because it is absolutely worth it.

The Middleman is like Captain America! (Only, without the gritty reboot aspect of the newer Marvel movies. Also, he can’t swear). Wendy Watson is a smart, level-headed woman character with great relationships with her best friends and boss. Legitimately a complete bad ass in every sense of the word.

I wasn't kidding. Also, she can fly fighter jets.

Lacey (Wendy’s roommate) Noser (Speaks only in song lyrics) Ida (aforementioned grumpy robot) and Tyler (cute, funny, male, can I say more? Yes, but I won’t) and others round out a great cast.

Middleman is full of zany plot lines (zombie fish infections! Vampire puppets! Gorilla mafia!) Every episode is jam packed full of quotable wise cracks and heart-felt moments. It’s a weird blend of comic book antics, utterly absurd characters, and very funny situations.

This is the Middleman fighting the Nacho Libre wrestlers who kidnapped Sensei Ping, for example.

So, if you like the following:

1. Actual platonic partners with a great mentorship relationship!

2. Villains with evil plans that are sheer elegance in their simplicity

3. Great characters

4. Wise cracks! Pop culture references! Quips!  Jests! Banter! Puns! Wit! Okay I’ll stop.

5. A love for anything nerdy (comic books, zombies, boy bands, sci-fi, aliens, monsters)


It’s only 12 episodes, but give it a try.


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