Sometimes Good Things Happen in Fives

I actually can’t believe February is over. Man, this month flew by fast. Every weekend I had something going on – and I’m not complaining!! It was wonderful being able to see friends and family alike, but I am also missing another loved one. My bed. We started off the month with my Mom’s birthday (looking better than ever Mom! XX).

The weather was absolutely beautiful for my parent's - the sunsets even more so.

The weather was absolutely beautiful for my parents – the sunsets even more so.

Then it was time for my own birthday celebrations (fast approaching the end of my teen years – which is a terrifying and cool thought). My lovely friends threw me a surprise party. Which made up for being thrown into a pond in the middle of the night. (Traditions are weird, and very chilly). IMG_1979

Love to all my gorgeous friends!

Love to all my gorgeous friends!

Next up was parent’s weekend!! My parents still reside in HK, so it was absolutely the greatest birthday present to see them during parent’s weekend. We celebrated by touring all the campus (my poor feet) and showing them what life is like for me in college. I was also lucky enough to have two of my best friends visit me. The first popped down from UChicago to perform in a Raas dance competition. If you haven’t heard of Raas, you should absolutely go check it out. I was just in awe watching the incredibly difficult looking moves and the beautiful (and glitzy!) costumes. So. Much. Glitter. Click the video for a small snippet of their performance. They came third but in my opinion should have won. Performed in the MOST AMAZING play, Blue Heart Beats. It was such a privilege to be a part of an incredible play and cast. Working with such talented people was definitely intimidating, but inspiring beyond belief. The playwright is currently workshopping it and I am so excited to see it being performed all over the states. It’s an incredibly powerful piece that deserves to be seen.

Unfortunately the weather was gross - but we made the best of it :)

Unfortunately the weather was gross – but we made the best of it 🙂

Finally, my best friend made the trip down to come see me! We spent the weekend together, which resulted in a lot of laughter and memories. We were also lucky enough to go see Hannibal Burress. He’s on one of my favorite shows, Broad City, so I was super pumped to see him live. The act right before him definitely was hard to stomach, but Hannibal was incredibly funny. I’m looking forward to his next album of porcupine songs. I am so glad that she came down to visit, and am looking forward to heading up to her own college. I literally can’t think of a better way to wrap up a perfect month. IMG_1917Whew. Looking back definitely illuminates why I’m feeling so tired (there may be a weekend in soon). However I wouldn’t change it for the world! Seeing so many loved ones and being able to make such incredible memories was worth every yawn I tried to stifle in class today. March is also shaping up to be a crazy month, with Mid-Terms and spring break right around the corner! Much love to everyone who I was able to see and those I wasn’t. IMG_1959



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