Hello My Old Heart

Hello World!

I had the absolute greatest time last night! My friends and I were lucky enough to go see The Oh Hellos at the Troubadour. And they did not disappoint.

Waiting outside the Troubadour to go see The Oh Hellos

Outside the venue

We started the night with a trip to In-n-Out burger (my first time! The burger was delicious, the fries less so. Definitely know to avoid them for next time) and headed into the city to go to the Troubadour. It was such a cool space to see a band – a relatively large room but small enough that there wasn’t a bad view in the house. Luckily my friends and I were right up against the stage, which was incredible!

Waiting to see The Oh Hellos perform.

Waiting to see The Oh Hellos perform.

The opening band was The Collection, which I had never heard of before. Usually I’m not really into opening bands (I mostly spend the time thinking about how my feet hurt when they perform) but the Collection was amazing from start to finish. Every single person in the band performed four instruments and at one point a didgeridoo appeared! They are definitely on my radar now and everyone should go check out their new album Ars Moriendi. I’ve been listening to it non-stop since last night.

This was on their drum set!

One of the band members moustache actually looked exactly like this.

By far the highlight of the night was The Oh Hellos. They are a brother-sister band from Texas, and their sound is this incredible indie-folk-rock mash up. I was so pumped when I heard that they were performing in the Troubadour because I’ve been obsessed with their music since Through the Deep, Dark Valley came out. AND THEY WERE AMAZING. Everyone in the band had this amazing energy and since the venue was so small the crowd was just crazy and fed off of each other. Everyone was singing along and stomping and cheering. I’ve literally never had a better concert experience in my life! They also debuted a new song and announced that they are putting out a new album!! Which is INCREDIBLE and I am so excited to hear how their sound evolves in the next installment.

The Oh Hellos performing

The Oh Hellos performing


After the show we walked around and went for milkshakes, which was the perfect end to a fantastic evening. I’m absolutely going to go back to the Troubadour and I’m looking forward to it!

Here’s hoping everyone has an amazing weekend!


Links to the Oh Hellos – http://theohhellos.com

Links to The Collection – http://www.thecollectionband.com

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Shout Out To That One Girl Dressed As A Cat

Whew! Halloween is officially over. It’s been a long weekend of partying (and for those with far less school work, whole week of partying) I spent most of Halloween admiring all the costumes and just taking my first all-american Halloween in. It isn’t really a thing back home, so I really enjoyed the opportunity to get all costumed up and hang out with cool people. But man, was my weekend packed!

First thing first on the Halloween checklist was a costume competition, and my group of friends went as a modern wizard of Oz. It was so much fun pulling the costume together and getting ready (although the time crunch did make things a little nerve wracking). We didn’t win, but my friend won for best hair and makeup, so that was super exciting!

The next night however, things really stepped up. All sorts of events were happening across campus – competitions and parties and performances. In the true spirit of the holiday, however, my friends and I began the night trick-or-treating. I’m not sure if I’m actually ever going to recover from the amount of candy that I ate. Someone please take the fruit rollups away from me.

I was also lucky enough to catch two performances on Halloween. The first was a concert where college kids got to play and the second was a student written performance about the life backstage. I also heard that there was a murder mystery party happening, but we couldn’t fit it into our night. Definitely something to add to the list! I’ve always wanted to attend one of those (perhaps as the murderer…)

Finally, this Halloween I got to see my first-ish screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show! I had actually watched the movie years ago with my father, but believe me when I say that I did not remember most of it and didn’t understand the movie when I first watched it. Which is probably good, because I don’t really want to meet the child who ‘gets’ Rocky Horror Picture Show. While it wasn’t in the true spirit of Rocky (there wasn’t a live performance, for one) I’m definitely very interested in going to one! How much fun would it be to throw toast and sing along with a whole audience?

I would say that my first Halloween was definitely a success, but I’m glad I have a whole year to rest and begin planning my next costume. Needless to say, some people definitely put me to shame. You know you’re not in Kansas anymore when you pass a man dressed as tower. Or a whole army of masked Mexican wrestlers.

How were your Halloweens? And who else is excited for Thanksgiving? AND THEN CHRISTMAS.